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UMA's One To Watch.... & Keeping Busy In London City

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

I had a packed past few days in London. And I loved. Every. Minute.

Day one I went down to PPL’s office to get informed about claiming royalties aka collecting yo’ coins correctly. I hold my hands up & say before my session I barely knew about PPL. I didn’t know how to make claims- I knew little on their service- But thanks to Dwayne Young I got a personal update on how to handle my account. Big thank you to him & the PPL team for having me.

Day two I spent the morning in Fiction Studio (possibly the dopest studio I’ve been in- very chilled atmosphere & rammed with REAL books) with Dutch producer MASON. I was a bit nervous going into session as I’ve never worked on a dance track- or worked with a charted producer before- But being the cool guy he is we smashed out 3 demo’s & exchanged some Hip-hop tracks.

After rushing back to my hotel I got ready for the Urban Music Awards. The venue (Porchester Hall) was beautiful, the place was packed of the expected reality stars, music artists, radio personalities etc (even bumped into Birmingham’s own Sideman!). I was called to the stage as one of the final 5 for the One To Watch award. I didn’t really have much faith that I’d bagged it- so I was pretty calm whilst walking up; that was until we were asked to give the audience a taste of our music…a’capella. Although I knew people at the ceremony I didn’t actual come with anyone (my 30 man/gal deep entourage were busy that day) so the nerves hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was amongst a very talented group of people- rappers & singers. I dropped the skippy part of ‘Firin’ and the crowd loved it. It was definitely a bit of a confidence boost.

We returned to our tables & waited between performances & awards to get back to our category announcement. The finalist were then called up a 2nd time and then…


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