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Subway (W)Raps

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

It's mad to think how many opportunities have come my way this year via social media. So when I was DM'ed on Instagram about recording this I was slightly surprised (Insta has been my favourite platform for a while now & I do spend time making sure I'm interactive on it with freestyles etc).

I had under 2 weeks (patterned around other shows & studio sessions) to write a rap based off of one of the new Subway Wraps. The listed ingredients were sent to me & I got to work. With a few adjustments having to be made the night before (Le Stress) I still think overall it went pretty well. I travelled down to London's Old Street, spotted Trumendous (was glad to see one familiar face amongst the production team), recorded a few takes trying to keep my composure (whilst very confused customers walked in between various shots) & then wrapped (haha) up by lunchtime. The team were very accommodating & sorted us with a massive lunch before I headed home.

Overall it was a dope experience! Check it out:


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