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Quick Trip To Oz

April 9th me, my band (who picked up the name the Role Models... it's funnier once you've met them), my right hand Alka and the amazing guys from black skull creatives jetted off to Australia to perform at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony. I can honestly say it was all a life changing experience. I met some lovely people, rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed, performed to an estimated billion, and even got to hold a whole koala bear.

I have to say while standing in Carrara Stadium waiting to perform I was filled with pride watching everyone else in Birmingham perform. I definitely think that killed any nerves I had and gave me the boost to give my best performance.

It was a short trip and I landed back in the UK on my birthday (April 17th) but I couldn't have wished for a better experience. Australia is definitely on the cards again, i just hope it doesn't take too long.


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