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BBC Music Day/ Festival Of Audacity

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Performing on a moving Tram. Tick.

Local champs- Beatfreakz & BBC Asian network organised live performances on Birmingham's tram between Walsall & New Street for BBC Music Day & Festival of Audacity.

It was possibly the most un-sturdy performances I had. Firstly, I was shook I was going to jump on at the wrong stop (it worked by each performer waiting at their chosen station- jumping on at the right door & then performing until the next stop). Mine being Corporation Street- some wonderful person mistook the sign to help me jump on the right door as graffiti & removed it. The Tram was delayed so I was split between getting a quick mccies & waiting about ( I waited). And then once on the very packed Tram, I under-estimated how rapid they move around corners (had your girl ouchea doing some next level footwork). But it ended up being a dope moment & an amazing day.

The next morning I travel down to London's BBC studio's to be a part of The Victoria Debyshire show alongside the lovely Preeya Kalidas & Esha Maria. Both ladies did an amazing job when it came to discussing inequality in music for women of colour. Big thanks to BBC & Festival of Audacity for the opportunity!


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