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All In A Weekends Work

Updated: Dec 23, 2018

Boy was this an active weekend. Now my bassist (George) has been telling me pretty much ever since I've met him how dope Brixton's Hootananny is. He didn't lie. We played possible one of my favourite gigs of the year.

First we were caught up in REAL hip-hop artistry as we watched the final's of the Battle of the weak MC. All of the finalist were amazing- freestyle abilities were clever & absolutely jokes ( I also ended up being a judge... madness) Then caught Shunaji perform (she brought mad vibes all created live on stage- including the beats)

By the time we jumped up I wasn't sure if I was going to last for 45 minutes as I was still in awe of it all- but a few tracks in & the crowd felt like it doubled. The energy was insane.

If that wasn't enough we jumped off stage to hear that Thundercat (THEE Thundercat) & Lianne La Havas (THEE Lianne La Havas) were somewhere in the audience... playing it cool we spotted them wonder outside & had a little chat with them (bit of a cuddle with Lianne too) before leaving them to enjoy their night out.

Big thank you to the EOW London Crew, Hootananny & Brixton for having us!

Next up it was Leicester!

Leicester has always been like a 2nd home after studying for University there- so it's always nice to go back- especially to 2Funky after Vijay took me on for some intern work during the summer of my final year.

Supporting the LEGEND Roxanne Shante (she doesn't even need a THEE Roxanne Shante... she's official like that).

That's right, Queens New York, Teenage superstar, Battle rap royalty ! It was mad just being in her presence. She was so humble. So real. And spoke nothing but FACTS. It was dope meeting this Queen & to say I supported her show. Madness.


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